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Fall Fest is Going Virtual!!!

The 32nd Fall Fest will be unlike any previous Fall Fest. It will take place virtually on November 6th-8th. The Villanova Special Olympics Committee is working hard to make this the best Fall Fest yet. We have a new website which will be used for all out events on the weekend of November 6-8th.

Athlete Welcome Video!


1. What will Fall Fest look like this year?

     This year Fall Fest will be virtual. The Villanova Special Olympics Committee created a brand new website that is home to Virtual Fall Fest. Check it out at

2. How can I register for Fall Fest?

     Due to the shift to a virtual Fall Fest we are still working out all the details of the new registration process. We are working with SOPA to make it as seamless as possible.

3. What sports will have competition at Fall Fest this year?

     All six sports that generally have competition at Fall Fest will be part of Virtual Fall Fest including Soccer, Bocce, Volleyball, Powerlifting, Long Distance Running/Walking and Rollerskating. Additionally we are very excited to announce the addition of a seventh sport Flag Football! 

4. Where can I find more information?

     All Information for Virtual Fall Fest can be found at Additional Questions can be referred to

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