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Join the Inclusion Revolution!

Join the Inclusion Crew

In joining the Inclusion Crew (IC) Villanova students have the opportunity to be a part of the largest Student-Run Special Olympics Program in the World! Students within this mission-based community volunteer for Fall Fest weekend, partake in Unified Sports® throughout the year, help Special Olympic athletes train at local practice facilities, and most importantly, act as campus ambassadors for the mission of inclusion!  There is no application required to join Inclusion Crew and ALL Villanova students are encouraged to join! Inclusion Crew opportunities typically are at Young Athlete's Program, Awards, Competition, Support Services, Ceremonies, Entertainment, DEI & Evals, Healthy Athletes, and Media and Publicity. 

Questions? Please contact!

Check out the general body meeting recording!

How Villanovans Get Involved
Fall Fest Weekend!


Student Volunteers
Inclusion Crew Members
Volunteer Coordinators
Local Program Hosts



If you are interested in volunteering for Fall Fest 2024 and you are not a Villanova student, please email:

Opportunities include:

  • Running Competition Venues

  • Medical Volunteers

  • Serving Food


Inclusion Crew

"Inclusion crew is such a rewarding experience because it lets you explore all parts of Special Olympics. I got to see all the different sports, have fun at O-Town, and cheer on athletes from all events. SpO in general is just such a special event that celebrates everyone and makes you appreciate the people around you. Inclusion Crew was such a great way to get involved and have the freedom to enjoy all of the different parts SpO has to offer."
~Erin Lyons, Class of 2025
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"Being an LPH was not only the best part of my freshman year, but an experience that changed my life! Being able to make connections with athletes, coaches, and fellow LPHs was fantastic, and being a part of the incredible energy that Fall Fest brings is something I will never forget!"
~Joe Ciampa, LPH


"I loved the VC program not only because it allows me to interact with athletes directly but also gives me an opportunity to share my love of the Special Olympics program with people who are new to campus or new to the program! I find that the more new students we introduce to SpO, the bigger and bigger it gets on campus. It's so beautiful watching it blossom post covid."
~ Kena Ruggia, Awards VC

Additional Leadership Roles:

Local Program Host (LPH): Since its inception in 2002, the Local Program Host (LPH) program has become a way for freshmen students to become involved in Special Olympics and have a profound impact throughout the entire weekend. The LPH program is open to all full-time freshmen students entering their first semester in the fall. Throughout the weekend LPH’s are responsible for being a liaison between the Special Olympics Committee and the county participants to which the LPH is assigned. LPH’s get to know athletes throughout the weekend, cheering them on during competition, creating posters & cheers to support them, and setting an overall positive and exuberant tone for the weekend! LPHs attend weekly meetings on Tuesdays 8:00 PM-9:30 PM and serve from 6:00am-9:00pm from Friday- Sunday of Fall Fest.


Volunteer Coordinators (VC's)There is an application and interview for this role. A Volunteer Coordinator, commonly known as a VC, plays a vital role in the Special Olympics Fall Festival at Villanova University! The application and selection process takes place in late March. VC’s work with the student committee throughout the fall semester to prepare volunteers to assist with the weekend. Each VC is assigned to a specific venue and becomes a knowledgeable resource for volunteers in that area. 

Some of a VC's primary responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting and training volunteers

  • Delegating volunteers at a specific venue

  • Collaborating with Villanova's student committee team

  • Supporting and energizing athletes, coaches, and volunteers

The 2024 VC application process is closed for this Fall Fest.

Join Inclusion Crew to Get Involved
BEYOND Fall Fest Weekend

Unified Sports®: One Unified Sports® event is offered each semester! Special Olympic athletes from across PA and IC members take to the field together to compete in tournament style play! Sports include volleyball, soccer, and basketball! Reach out to to find out more!


Athlete Practices: Members of the Inclusion Crew attend local Special Olympic program practices! At an athlete practice, students can choose to participate alongside athletes, or operate in more of a support capacity. Either way, it is an unbelievable experience to participate in a practice and make lifelong friends! Transportation is always provided! Reach out to to find out more!

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